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Hailong Zhou
College of information Science and Engineering, Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou 450001, China
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Research Article | 19 November 2023
Design and Implementation of 3D Library Application System-Taking The Library of Henan University of Technology as an Example
IECE Transactions on Internet of Things | Volume 1, Issue 1: 22-29, 2023 | DOI:10.00000/TIOT.2023.100004
As more and more traditional application systems begin to integrate 3D technology, building a 3D library application system with the advantages of 3D technology is conducive to improving the user's borrowing experience, improving the efficiency of users' querying books and reserving seats, and combining monitoring equipment can effectively improve the accuracy of seat occupancy monitoring, and through the statistics and analysis of reservation data, borrowing data and other data, it can provide decision support for library managers, thereby improving the quality of library services. This paper takes the library of Henan University of Technology as an example, based on the SuperMap iClient3D... More >

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