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Liang Liu
Cognitive Computing Technology Joint Laboratory, Wave Group
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Open Access | Research Article | Feature Paper | 10 November 2023
A Biomimetic Covering Learning Method Based on Principle of Homology Continuity
IECE Transactions on Neural Computing | Volume 1, Issue 1: 1-13, 2023 | DOI:10.58682/TGRS.2024.8888888
The Principle of Homology Continuity (PHC) based covering learning method is an effective method to solve the pattern recognition problem. However, PHC and the existence of optimal coverage are not mathematical proven. To address this issue, we firstly give the mathematical description and theoretical proof of PHC. On this basis, the theoretical definition of optimal coverage is introduced. Optimal coverage can determine the internal connections among samples as prior knowledge and use covering neurons to learn prior knowledge. Finally, we propose a kind of covering neuron model, and the effectiveness of which is demonstrated through extensive experiments conducted on the CIFAR-10, LFW, and... More >

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