IECE Transactions on Internet of Things

Instructions for Authors

Submission Checklist


1. Read Aims & Scope for an overview and to assess the suitability of your manuscript for the journal;
2. Preparing your manuscript using Microsoft Word template or LaTeX template;
3. Ensure that issues relating to publication ethics, research ethics, copyright, authorship, graphic formats, data and reference formats have been properly considered;
4. Ensure that all authors have approved the content of the submitted manuscript.
5. Encourage authors to add a biography and ORCIDORCID to their submission (optional) and to publish it to IECE.


Manuscript Submission Overview
Types of Publications
Full experimental details must be provided so that the results can be reproduced. IECE Transactions on Internet of Things requires that authors publish all experimental controls and make full datasets available where possible (see the guidelines on Supplementary Materials and references to unpublished data).

Manuscripts submitted to IECE Transactions on Internet of Things should neither be published previously nor be under consideration for publication in another journal. The main article types are listed below and a comprehensive list of article types can be found here.

Article: These are original research manuscripts. The work should report scientifically sound experiments and provide a substantial amount of new information. The article should include the most recent and relevant references in the field. The structure should include an Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusions (optional) sections, with a suggested minimum word count of 4000 words. Please refer to the journal webpages for specific instructions and templates.

Review: Reviews offer a comprehensive analysis of the existing literature within a field of study, identifying current gaps or problems. They should be critical and constructive and provide recommendations for future research. No new, unpublished data should be presented. The structure can include an Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Relevant Sections, Discussion, Conclusions, and Future Directions, with a suggested minimum word count of 4000 words.

Submission Process
Manuscripts for IECE Transactions on Internet of Things should be submitted online at The submitting author, who is generally the corresponding author, is responsible for the manuscript during the submission and peer-review process. The submitting author must ensure that all eligible co-authors have been included in the author list (read the criteria to qualify for authorship) and that they have all read and approved the submitted version of the manuscript. To submit your manuscript, register and log in to the submission website. Once you have registered, click here to go to the submission form for Forecasting. All co-authors can see the manuscript details in the submission system, if they register and log in using the e-mail address provided during manuscript submission.